Cazalys NT Thunder Academy Under 18 Girls head to Sydney


The Cazalys NT Thunder Under 18 Girls from across the Territory will travel to Sydney to compete in their second Winter Series match against the Sydney Swans Academy. 

The team will travel Saturday afternoon and will then head to North Sydney Oval on Sunday ahead of their 12pm local time / 11.30am ACST match. 

Those wishing to tune in can stream the game live via YouTube here:
Cazalys NT Thunder Academy Team List:  
Mikayla Baldwin
Alyssa Caruana
Emma Clifton
Ella Fitz
Armani Francois
Erini Gikas
Elsie Harden
Lily Harden
Rose Maree-Goninon
Cassie McWilliam
Grace Mulvahil
Ciana Niesner
Dakota Petit-Holmes
Brooke Ponter
Janna Ransome
Bella Rees
Nikayah Seton-Scott
Rhania Shelford
Charli Simmonds 
Emma Stark
Brooklyn Tarrant
Djimila Totham
Kaitey Whittaker
Thea Wischusen
Freda Wosomo

Grace Busittil - E
Martina Gunther Oliver - E
Tiana Russell - E