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A space for umpires new to the Northern Territory, existing NT umpires, and a source of information for anyone wanting to get involved in umpiring!


Umpiring is a fantastic way to get involved with AFL whilst keeping fit, developing people skills, making friends, and earning money!

Australian Rules Football plays a significant role in the sporting culture in the Northern Territory and has been for many years. There are always plenty of opportunities across the territory for people to get involved with the sport, have the best seat in the house, and earn money at the same time.

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Whether you are a passionate territory umpire or a visiting umpire on a territory adventure, we would like to offer these unique opportunities for you to be part of something more.

At the AFL, we bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives to create an inclusive and vibrant workplace. It's a place where our shared values drive us, where ideas flow freely, and where passion and energy are celebrated. Just like the love we have for the game itself, we're passionate about working here, and we believe you'll feel the same.

We are looking for umpire coaches to help us deliver top-notch training and standards for field, boundary, and goal umpiring. Our mission is to create a learning-focused and high-performance culture within our umpire community, all to ensure the success of the game we love - Footy. 

If this sounds like you...we want to hear from you!

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We are recruiting for the following positions. Please click on the Role Title for a complete role description.

Development Umpire Coach

The Development Coach plays a crucial role in introducing and nurturing newcomers to umpiring within the NTFL. This role specialises in the foundational education of umpiring, covering the basic rules and laws of the game across all three disciplines: field, boundary, and goal. The coach is instrumental in establishing a supportive learning environment that prioritises understanding and inclusive educational practices.

Goal Umpire Coach

The Senior Goal Umpire Coach plays a pivotal role in the overall development, training, and performance enhancement of the group of senior goals umpires within the NTFL. The Senior Goals Umpire Coach is responsible for developing and implementing training programs, facilitating ongoing development, and offering supportive feedback to each umpire under their guidance. By doing so, they aim to raise the competency and consistency of the umpiring team.

Assistant Coach (6 Assistant Coach positions available – 2 x Field, 2 x Boundary, and 2 x Junior Development)

The Assistant Umpire Coaches play a supportive role in the overall development, training, and performance enhancement of the group of senior, community, and junior umpires within the NTFL. These positions are instrumental in fostering a learning culture and ensuring high performance standards within the umpiring community. Assistant coaches report to the Program Manager and Senior Coach and assist with developing and implementing training programs, facilitating development, and offering supportive feedback to each umpire under their guidance.

Umpire Support Concierge (2 Positions)

The Umpire Concierge acts as the first point of contact for umpires arriving for training, offering immediate assistance, direction, and support. This role is pivotal in setting the tone for a welcoming and efficient training environment, streamlining the arrival process, and helping umpires navigate their training sessions with ease. The Concierge will contribute to a positive atmosphere, harnessing excellent interpersonal skills to alleviate uncertainties, and provide clear guidance. 


Casual Positions for AFLNT Game Development and Facility Support 

Looking for a flexible job that aligns with your schedule? We're seeking casual staff to bolster game development and facility operations during weekends. Enjoy a vibrant and dynamic work environment while actively contributing to the success of our organization. 


  • Assist with game development activities and facility operations on weekends. 
  • Ensure smooth operations and contribute to creating an enjoyable experience for our members and participants. 
  • Collaborate with the team to maintain the facility and its equipment. 
  • Provide assistance and support as needed to enhance the overall environment. 


  • Strong team player with a flexible schedule. 
  • A passion for sports and community engagement. 
  • Willingness to learn and adapt in a dynamic work setting. 
  • Positive attitude and a commitment to delivering exceptional service. 


  • Flexible weekend shifts that accommodate your schedule. 
  • Opportunity to work in a fun and engaging environment. 
  • Be part of a dedicated team focused on making a positive impact.