Williams Medal

The Williams Medal is presented to the player deemed Best on Ground in a Women's Premier League Grand Final. The medal was named the Coca Cola Medal from 2004/05 until 2014/15 when it was re-named the Williams Medal.

Year Name Club
  Coca Cola Medal  
2004/05 Toni Alexandrow St Mary's
2005/06 Natalie Forster St Mary's
2006/07 Ebony Miller Darwin Buffaloes
2007/08 Hannah Bowley St Mary's
2008/09 Sandra Eaton St Mary's
2009/10 Jamie Lee Puautjimi St Mary's
2010/11 Nicole Simons Palmerston Magpies
2011/12 Colleen Gwynne Waratah
2012/13 Lisa Roberts Waratah
2013/14 Angela Foley Waratah
  Williams Medal  
2014/15 Angela Foley Waratah
2015/16 Abbey Holmes Waratah
2016/17 Jessica Cunningham Darwin Buffaloes
2017/18 Madeline Gault Waratah
2018/19 Lisa Roberts Waratah
2019/20 Grace Mulvahil Southern Districts
2020/21 Jasmyn Hewett PINT
2021/22 Dominique Carbone Darwin Buffettes