Chaney Medal

The Chaney Medal is named after Sir Frederick Chaney, the Administrator of the Northern Territory and Patron of the NTFL in the 1960's. The Medal was first awarded in 1970/71 to the Best of Ground in the League Grand Final. 

Year Name Club
1970/71 Reubin Cooper Darwin Buffaloes
1971/72 Stewie Jeffrey St Mary's
1972/73 John Tye Darwin Buffaloes
1973/74 John Tye Nightcliff
1974/75 Cyclone Tracy*  
1975/76 Ron Quall Darwin Buffaloes
1976/77 Darryl Bakes Waratah
1977/78 Benny Vigona St Mary's
1978/79 Michael Graham St Mary's
1979/80 Tom Thorne Darwin Buffaloes
1980/81 Peter Belford North Darwin**
1981/82 Les Myles St Mary's
1982/83 Terry Neville Wanderers
1983/84 Gerry Keny Darwin Buffaloes
1984/85 Damian Christensen St Mary's
1985/86 Dennis Dunn St Mary's
1986/87 Steven Long St Mary's
1987/88 Roy Cassetti St Mary's
1988/89 David Ross Darwin Buffaloes
1989/90 Noel Long St Mary's
1990/91 Cyril Rioli (Jnr) St Mary's
1991/92 Todd Spearman St Mary's
1992/93 Russell Jeffrey Wanderers
1993/94 Aaron Perry St Mary's
1994/95 Noel Long St Mary's
1995/96 Noel Long - tie St Mary's
1995/96 Graham Taylor - tie Southern Districts
1996/97 Jock Mcleod St Mary's
1997/98 Gerard Atkins Southern Districts
1998/99 Frank Matthews Waratah
1999/00 Mathew Waklin Waratah
2000/01 Brian Ross - tie Darwin Buffaloes
2000/01 Dion Grant - tie Palmerston Magpies
2001/02 Robert Campbell Nightcliff
2002/03 Nick Ingall St Mary's
2003/04 Nick Ingall St Mary's
2004/05 Todd Cook Wanderers
2005/06 Darryl White Darwin Buffaloes
2006/07 Kyle Archibald Southern Districts
2007/08 Ryan Lewis St Mary's
2008/09 Jarred Ilett St Mary's
2009/10 Heath Culpitt St Mary's
2009/10 Peter MacFarlane St Mary's
2010/11 Aaron Motlop Wanderers
2011/12 Paul Scanlon Tiwi Bombers
2012/13 William Rioli (Jnr) St Mary's
2013/14 Kane Leerson St Mary's
2014/15 Thomas Motlop Wanderers
2015/16 Jackson Geary St Mary's
2016/17 Cameron Ilett St Mary's
2017/18 Jarrod Stokes Darwin Buffaloes
2018/19 Liam Holt-Fitz Nightcliff
2019/20 Trent Melville Nightcliff
2020/21 Raphael Clarke St Mary's
2021/22 Jackson Calder St Mary's

*The 1974/75 Premiership season was suspended by the NTFL because of Cyclones Tracy.
** Up to season 1996/97 Palmerston Magpies were called North Darwin