Community Football Volunteers Vaccination Requirement

Following Wednesday afternoon’s changes to the directions for mandatory vaccination of workers to attend the workplace to now include incorporated association of volunteers, AFL Northern Territory (AFLNT) has engaged TIO Northern Territory Football League (NTFL) Clubs to ensure compliance with the new directions across the football landscape.

To view the Northern Territory Government amended direction, click here.

In relation to community football in the Territory, the Government direction amendment outlines all volunteers who may encounter a vulnerable person are required to have proof of at least their first vaccination dose by Saturday 13 November 2021. 

AFLNT will assist to ensure the smooth delivery of this direction across the whole football community. This includes the appropriate management of individual vaccination status information, in line with Northern Territory Government requirements as well as the AFL Policy.

As part of AFLNT’s support for this, we will bolster the number of staff on entrance gates across the weekend at all venues.

Please note if you are volunteering at the football this weekend, the security staff will be required to view the evidence of your single or double vaccination status.

Whilst AFLNT will do their best to assist with the administration of these directions, please know that each individual club has legal responsibility for the end outcome of a volunteer attending who may not be in compliance with the directions. This means that if you are asked whether you are attending the football as a volunteer, please be honest with your answer as clubs cannot afford the fines that may be incurred if individuals are found to be non-compliant.

AFLNT thanks all TIO NTFL Clubs and their volunteers for their support and hard work in ensuring football can continue in a safe manner.

In order to adequately protect our game and the broader community, we encourage our stakeholders to get vaccinated if you can.

We encourage those who are yet to decide if they will be vaccinated to please seek the best medical advice for their personal circumstances so they can make an informed decision. 

For more information and to book a vaccination, visit the Northern Territory Government website here or Danila Dilba’s website here

A Danila Dilba vaccination education stall will be on site at TIO Stadium on Saturday alongside Chemist Warehouse who will be offering and administering vaccinations.


How do I prove my vaccination status?

Single dose:

  • Medical Certificate
  • Appointment slip
  • Sign a statuary declaration upon entry to a venue, noting you will need to provide your Club with evidence of your vaccination.

Double dose:

  • Vaccination Certificate downloaded from MyGov
  • Territory Check In App verification tick
  • Sign a statuary declaration upon entry to a venue, noting you will need to provide your Club with evidence of your vaccinations.

Who do I show my vaccination status?

Designated staff will be located at all venue gates this from this Saturday.


I have a Match Day Official Card, do I need to show my vaccination status?

If you are volunteering, yes. If you are not volunteering, no.

If you are a Volunteer and use a “Match Day Official” card to gain entry but the card does not specify a full name, you will be directed to record your full name on a sign in sheet and have their vaccination evidence sighted.


Which volunteers does this affect?

All of them. For example: club umpires, coaches, team managers, runners, water carriers, umpire escorts, gate staff, canteen and bar staff, match managers, property steward, gate volunteers, timekeepers, scoreboard managers, committee members, sports trainers, physios, club doctor, cleaners, media, other volunteer admin roles, etc.


Is it just game day volunteers or all volunteers at the Club?

All Club volunteers.


If I am a volunteer who has not been vaccinated but want to volunteer at a TIO Stadium game while the vaccinations are available, can I volunteer if I get the jab?

If you receive a vaccination before your volunteer duties, yes. Please ensure you return to the entrance gate and show evidence of your vaccination provided by Chemist Warehouse on site.


If I have a club official card but do not volunteer for a club, can I still enter?

Yes, spectators are still able to enter.


Does this direction apply to players?

Not if the player only plays football. If a player also fills the role of volunteer, they will not be able to volunteer but still be able to play.


Does this direction apply to spectators?

Not if the spectator is just spectating. If a spectator also fills the role of volunteer, they will not be able to volunteer but still be able to spectate.

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