AFL Northern Territory wishes to advise Tiwi Bombers Men's Premier League team has had its points removed, following its win over Palmerston in Round 16 of the TIO NTFL 2016/17 season.

As stated under point 13 (a) Financial Requirements of the Northern Territory Football League (NTFL) license agreements, which all participating NTFL Premier League clubs are bound by, a club cannot be in debt to the AFL for a period beyond 30 days.

"AFLNT's standard 30-day payment terms apply to the Club. The Club is not permitted to be in debt to AFLNT at any time. Should the Club be in debt to AFLNT, any goods or services supplied to the Club by AFLNT must be paid for by cash or credit card in advance. No further credit will be extended until the debt is cleared to the satisfaction of AFLNT and the AFL Finance Department in Melbourne. If instructed to do so by the AFL Finance department, AFLNT will direct a club to play for no points in Premier League fixtures until such a time as the debt is cleared to the satisfaction of the AFL finance department."

As of Saturday 4 February 2017, the Tiwi Bombers Football Club had a debt with AFLNT in excess of $10,000, which at that point was 60 days outstanding. 

As a result, the AFLNT Executive ruled to remove the four points awarded to the Tiwi Bombers for the Round 16 Premier League win. There has been no change to the match result, the recorded end score or to Palmerston Football Clubs 2016/17 points.