Palmerston Magpies

Carmine Rauseo (President) 0421 426 831
Home ground
Palmerston Oval, Palmerston
Postal address
PO Box 3063, Palmerston 0831
TIO NTFL Men's Premier League
TIO NTFL Men's Division 1
TIO NTFL Women's Premier League
TIO NTFL Under 18 Boys
TIO NTFL Under 18 Girls
TIO NTFL Under 16 Boys
TIO NTFL Under 15 Girls
TIO NTFL Under 14 Boys
TIO NTFL Under 12 Boys

Originally known as the Internationals, the club was formed in 1971 by a group which consisted primarily of soccer players intent on keeping fit during their off season. After showing some promise as semi-official members of the NTFL Reserves competition in the 1971/72 season; the club was admitted to senior ranks the following year and changed its name to North Darwin.

North Darwin approached Keith Kemp to be the Club patron and adopted the playing strip of The Collingwood Football Club, maybe hoping that the success of the famous Magpies would set the stage for success within the local competition.

The Palmerston Magpies Football Club was borne initially from the relocation of the North Darwin Football Club to the city of Palmerston, south of Darwin in 1995/96. It was first known as North Darwin/Palmerston Magpies before dropping off the name of North Darwin to become the Palmerston Magpies Football Club in 1996/97.

In more recent times, the club has shown great promise across all of its competing teams. Led by passionate coaches and president Russell Davey, the club has entered a new era.

Volunteers steer the Magpies from behind the scenes and are the lifeblood of the club.