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The Banks Bulldogs Football Club was established in 1978 as a founding member of the Carlton United Sunday competition, the forerunner of the Northern Territory Football Association being formed in 1982, in recent years becoming known as the Top End Australian Football Association (TEAFA).

The club's first ever game was played as a social match between the Commonwealth Bank and Westpac. After the match, it was thought to form a 'proper' side. Banks Bulldogs took on the NTFL C Grade sides as well as PINT and the Combined Services.

Over the next few years, the makeup of the competition saw new sides come including Katherine, Jabiru and Tracy Village with University joining later.

During these changing times, Banks has always had a competitive playing group and a strong committee, something that continues today.

In the early years, the club was run on a very small budget and sponsorship was minimal. The club's sole sponsor for many years was CUB.

Players filled almost all committee positions and social functions were well patronised and enthusiastically attended. The early 1980s saw several changes that have left lasting legacies on the club.

As the club has expanded, it has started to run junior teams which will ensure that life long friendships and fond memories are things the Banks Football Club continues to offer.